Wellington Short Sale Agents- Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset are real estate agents in Wellington Florida who can help you with your short sale. We can go over your Florida Foreclosure options with you. 

We have a lot of experience helping sellers in Wellington Florida do a short sale with their banks. The short sale process can be very stressful but if you know what to expect it will help you to deal with this tough time a lot better. Get empowered with the right information. Know what you are getting into. 

Our buyers’ agents know and understand the short sale process also and will help guide you through that short sale maze that many buyer agents just don’t know about because they don’t have enough listings that they have processed through to gain the experience needed to really understand what is going on with your banks and the investors on your notes on your Wellington properties. 

You can learn more about Wellington short sales and the many articles we have written about the process like what is a short sale to whether you can do a short sale or not if you are not late on your mortgage payments or if you have already been served with foreclosure papers from your bank’s attorneys at our Wellington Short Sale Agents website. 

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