Wellington Green Market is open from November to April each year. Yes, that is a different Green Market season than many places in the country. In South Florida the best growing season is the fall and winter. 

It is our little guy’s favorite Saturday morning activity. They have a Cider Donut vendor who makes fresh little donuts and sells them in bakers’ dozens. Our little guy and the grand kids all look forward to filling their bellies with those Cider Donuts. 

My favorite part of Wellington Green market is the wonderful organic and fresh grown veggies. Last Saturday I bought a Roma tomato plant that was full of green tomatoes waiting to be harvested for only $10.00 The farmer told me I would get about 60 pounds of tomatoes from this plant. They are delicious too! I already picked in just a week about a dozen of the tomatoes to enjoy in our salads and as snacks. 

Another vendor gets those amazing strawberries from Plant City Florida- the strawberry capital of the world. Yummy is the best description! 

We love to eat asian foods. There is one vendor who sells the most delicate and delicious asian cabbages like bok choy and other varieties. There is a very tender variety of asian cabbage that has a flower in it that you eat with the cabbage. I will try to remember to take a photo of this kind for my blog before we eat the next one. 

The Wellington Green market is open on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Try to get there early before all the goodies are gone because some do go fast! The Wellington Green market is located right on Forest Hill Blvd behind Scotty’s Playground and Park and behind the new Wellington City Center. 

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