Florida encourages entrepreneurship and small cottage business. Florida has many benefits for healthy living for both your body and your pocketbook. 

Florida just passed a new law that allows you to cook in your home and then bring those homebaked goods to your local green markets to sell them. 

We love going to the Wellington Farmers’ Market weekly to discover all the new creative innovations and baked yummy goods from local entrepreneurs and local people who are looking for additional ways to make some money during these economic times. This is the spirit of America. 

When things get tough you figure out a way to make some money to take care of yourself and your family that also adds value to the lives of others. Nothing like smelling fresh baked pies on a Saturday morning at a farmer’s market near you. 

Throughout South Florida farmers’ markets are all the rave. 

This new law is called the “Cottage Food Law” and it is about time we had one of those around here! 

This new food law does away with all the regulations and licensing fees that most mom and pop type start ups can not afford to pay for nor have the time to go through all the red tape just to test a new baked pie or bread on the market. 

One lady who lost her job loves to bake pies. She is 52 years old and started to bake her pies. She has over 50 different baked pies that she sells at local green markets. This is how she does what she loves to do, baking and makes some cash too. 

You can make loaf breads, pies, cakes, cookies, pastries, jams, candies, honey, jellies, dried fruits, dry herbs, teas, seasonings, homemade pasta, cereals and popcorn just to name a few of the items. 

The Cottage Business Law has restrictions. Before you start cooking in your home you need to make sure you comply with the new law. There are certain products that you can not sell such as fresh meat or fresh fish, any products containing fresh cream and the like. 

I also found out that you can not sell your goods that fall under the Cottage Business law on the internet but you can deliver in person to your customer’s homes and places of business. 

Contact FreshfromFlorida.com or call 850-245-5520. There are limitations and restrictions. Of course if you want to sell products or produce products that do not fall within the Cottage Business law you can follow the licensing laws to produce those food products. 

Disclaimer: your town or city may have some additional restrictions or laws so make sure you check with them before you start baking your favorite goodies to sell. 

Just another great reason to move to the sunshine state of Florida! 


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