Palm Beach County-Broward County- Hot For Real Estate Investors

There is a bright side to the housing bust. Not only has the bust created homes in affordable price ranges for first time homebuyers but it is a great time for investors in Palm Beach County and Broward County in Florida. 

Palm Beach County and Broward County are listed as two of the top places in the country for investors to buy single family houses to rent out. Broward is 8th on the list and Palm Beach County is 14th on the list. 

The projection is that rents will be supported by a renewed population growth in these two counties. All of the markets that are listed as good for investors took the biggest declines in home prices during the housing bust. If investors can keep their properties rented they will likely be able to expect above average returns. 

Demand for rentals is on the rise in these counties adding more comfort to the decisions to buy properties in South Florida to rent out. Many people who get foreclosed on need to rent a house because they can not qualify for a mortgage or don’t want to buy and they don’t want to go back to renting apartments. 

Some investor groups are saying this is the best environment for single family investors in 30 years. Some of the forecasters say that investors can anticipate increases of 5% to 15% in South Florida for the next three to five years. 

This is the time that many real estate investors are looking to make some nice profits. 


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