Warning! If Your Encounter An Alligator here in Florida get away! 

A teenager was really hot one day and decided to jump into a river that had active alligators in it.  He fought for his life when an alligator bit his hand. The teenager was smart to let the alligator have his hand and part of his arm in order to save his own life. This was an unprovoked attack. 

Alligators are everywhere in Florida even in Wellington and the rest of South Florida. This time of year the alligators are very active because it is mating season and it has been raining a lot. 

do not approach alligators

Photo attribution to Robin Stevens- Cynic.org.uk, Creative Commons License

Alligators do not think of humans as prey. But if you are swimming in a lake, river or a canal with active alligators they can mistake your splashing hand or your leg for a racoon or a possum which is prey to them. The brain of an alligator is the size of a pea. Don’t be fooled by their size. In spite of how large an alligator can grow, his brain is extremely primitive. He does not think. He bites. Alligators are instinctive creatures and that is why they are so dangerous aside from their amazing jaw strength. 

DO NOT SWIM IN LAKES AND RIVERS during alligator mating and egg-laying seasons or after heavy rains. If you see alligators in the water do not go in. 

Alligators in Florida

If you see an alligator run away! The advice from the alligator experts is to run as fast as you can if attacked or approached by an alligator. They can bite very very fast. They can also run fast. But they can only run for short distances fast. 

MYTH- the myth is to run in zig zags. DO NOT DO THIS!!! This is NOT true. 

While an alligator can not run in zig zags he can still run fast. You running in zig zags will only take you longer to get to safety. The fastest way to any destination is in a straight line. Run in a straight line as fast as you can. The alligator is protecting his territory. He just wants you off of his territory. So run fast off of his territory. 

alligators in florida

Also, keep your dogs and small children away from canals and the edges of water. Alligators attack and eat dogs. 


Do not be tempted to feed an alligator. An alligator with the brain the size of a pea does not know where the food ends and your hand begins. It is also against the law in Florida to feed an alligator. You can be fined up to $500 plus jail time. 


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